Beer Bottle 3.39
Corona, Michelob Ultra, Yuengling Lager, Miller Lite, Blue Moon, Henry’s Hard Soda, Budweiser, Redds Draft: Bud Light

Can 2.95
Budweiser 10 oz., Coors Light, Bud Light 10 oz. Wine Exclusively Serving Layton’s Chance Wines

Draft 2.95


Beer & Wine

Farm Red Dry Red
(similar to Merlot)

Farm White Dry White
(similar to Chardonnay)

Lazy Day Red Semi-dry Red
(similar to Pinot Noir)

Lazy Day White Semi-dry White
(similar to Pinot Grigio)

Harvest Blush Semi-sweet Red
(similar to Zinfandel)

Laura’s Lemonade Semi-sweet White
(similar to Riesling)

Joe’s Cool White Sweet white
(great with a rich dessert)

Joe’s Cool Red Sweet red
(casual wine, goes well with everything)


Freaky Fridays
$2.00 Bud Light Drafts $2.50 Bottles